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2022 Holiday Gift Guide: For The Entertainer

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It’s our first ever gift guide and I could not be more excited! We’re kicking it off with gifts for the entertainer.

I think everyone of knows somebody who fits this description. The person who’s always having friends or family over, decorations, fun, plenty of food, you name it. For us, my mom was ALWAYS the entertainer.

On any given day, we always had people over. Our front door growing up was like a revolving door for friends and family! Though, my mom was always prepared (even if people dropped by unannounced)!

Platters of treats, good music, great dish-ware and glasses, all the while creating an environment that everyone felt comfortable. It was quite a feat, if I do say so myself, because I could never imagine being able to do that. She’s the queen of it though.

These gifts are inspired by what I think my mom would like, plus just a few cute things thrown in that my mom would’ve definitely had out when people were over.

So, I hope this new series helps you find a special something for whoever you’re shopping for, but also maybe one or two things as gifts for yourself (😉).

Be sure to grab a cookie and a mug of cider and let’s get shopping!

Holiday Gift Guide: Entertainer Gifts

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    1. Hi Robert! Ooh, that’s so fun! What are you planning on buying? Hosting parties and entertaining can be so much fun, especially when accompanied by good food! We hope you check out some of the other things on our blog. Happy holidays! x, Caylie