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2022 Holiday Gift Guide: For The Foodie

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Part 3 in our series of holiday gift guides! On this list, you’ll find gifts for the foodie in your life, but also gadgets/tools we use in our kitchen that make our life just a little bit easier, plus a few things thrown in that we definitely want/recommend.

For instance, we would not be able to put dinner on our table without our sous vide, an instant pot, a set of good knives, or our mandoline and spiralizer. These few simple things help us keep dinner interesting and planned ahead when we’re working long hours on the blog.

Plus, you’ll find things we’ve been wanting to buy for a while. Air fryer, pizza oven, an gnocchi board…just as a quick example!

This gift list is the perfect spot to shop for the foodie in your life, as each gadget, tool, or appliance is sure to to impress. We also added a few staples like sheet pans and mixing bowls, because even foodies need a place to start in the kitchen!

As always, we hope this gift guide helps you find the perfect gift for someone or everyone on your list. Be sure to grab a snack (I’m personally munching on our Salted Butter Roasted Pecans as I write this!) and have fun shopping!

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For The Foodie

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