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December-January Update

Well, It’s a new month, and it’s time to to chat!

Happy New Year! 🎊

Is it too late to say that? Eh, doesn’t matter. I’ve said it now. No taking it back.

This little update coming out a little late because of so many reasons! This last month has been so crazy. From Christmas to now, it’s been 0 to 100! But somehow we’ve managed to continue posting on the blog.

Have you seen them all? Here’s a list in case you missed some:

the christmas to new years blur

christmas tree with lots of presents underneath

We had a wonderful Christmas! Some of my favorite gifts weren’t even my own. I gave my mom two tickets to see her favorite musical, a “make it yourself” mulled wine kit, and a few other things. I gave my brother the lightsaber I showed you guys in our last chat (if you missed it, you can read it here).

But after Christmas, everything kinda blurs together. Does you experience that? It’s just the weirdest week of the entire year! Like a weird slump until the new year.

Hm… I might have to look that one up. I’ll be back.

Well, I’m back and I didn’t really find anything helpful but I did find out that the internet often calls it limbo week or “crimbo limbo”.

I don’t understand either.

But hey, learn something new everyday.

the new year nightmare

a firework going off

No, I’m not just being dramatic. The kick off to the new year wasn’t so great. The fireworks were fun but… we got food poisoning.


Food poisoning.

That’s something neither my mom or I had ever experienced but I can guarantee you that I never want to deal with it again.

We were both sick for what felt like forever. Realistically, it took about a week before we both started feeling better.

So, maybe not the best way to kick off the new year. Kinda sucked. But we are finally back on track and able to work again!

Work, work, work, work

bundt cake on a marble board with a camera

That’s right. As soon as we started feeling better, we’ve been cooking up a storm. So many new recipes have been thought of, created, shot, and are just waiting to be posted. It’s been a lot of fun and a whole lot of work.

Are there any recipes you want to see on the blog? Let us know in the comments below!

Oh bother…

blue cake with a small winnie the pooh piped on with white clouds

Well, the other day was National Winnie the Pooh Day and I had this grand idea to make a Winnie the Pooh cake.

Why did I think it was going to be easy?

I made my very own marshmallow fondant for the first time. It required a lot of work but it actually came out very pretty and i was proud.

The cake is where I had issues. My butter cream wouldn’t stick to the cake, my cake ripped and tore… It was an awful way to start! But I was determined to get this right.

With the help of the freezer, I was able to assemble my layers. Things were looking up!

I rolled out my fondant and got it on my cake… but it kept ripping. I didn’t put my cake in the freezer while I was rolling out the fondant and the buttercream started melting. The moister caused my fondant to just separate. I was upset but I decided to try and push through.

I shouldn’t have.

Everything I did to get a winnie the pooh on the cake failed. It was a huge mess.

One mental break down later and some reassurance from my mom, I was able to get my shiitake together and try again. I sketched out winnie the pooh and traced it with icing on a piece of parchment.

This worked pretty well but I didn’t let it freeze long enough. It ripped in places but I got it on the cake. A little while later of freehand piping, i had some semblance of a winnie the pooh themed cake.

Have you ever tried to make a cake and noting go right?

staying warm

If you remember from earlier, one of the things I got my mom for christmas was a few mugs and the ingredients for a mulled wine. So, with the weather literally being below freezing, we decided to try it out! We have a few things to work out but overall, it was really good.

In my defense, I had no clue what I was doing. I went to our local spice shop and told them my idea. We just sniffed until the spice mix smelled right.

So, live and learn. I can’t wait until we are able to perfect it! We definitely have plenty of time because the weather isn’t gonna warm up for a while.

Well, that’s it. (Says the person who just wrote a billion words).

Talk to me in the comments below! How’s your winter going? ♡

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