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February-March Update

cherry blossom tree with a lamp against a blue sky

It is finally time for the March update and I have something big to tell you:

SPRING IS ONLY 5 DAYS DAYS AWAY! And that means I have officially switched over from hot coffees to the very best of iced coffee.

I mean, I still make hot coffee at home.. but whenever I go out, I can officially order some of my favorite iced drinks! Caramel iced macchiato, iced vanilla latte, iced matcha latte… The list goes on! Do you like iced coffees? If so, let me know what your go-to order is!

Are you still holding onto hot drinks or welcoming in the iced coffee season?

Today, we have a few things to talk about. So, settle in, grab a carrot cake cupcake, and let’s talk about this past month!

we attended a food bloggers summit… from the comfort of our own home!

photo of a computer and a notebook

Yup. We actually attended a summit through lots of online seminars! This was actually really interesting and super helpful.

We had a lot of discussions, a lot of thinking towards long term, and how we can make this blog a better place for everyone.

It was days of this. A lot of, “are we doing the right thing?”. It was almost overwhelming with how many questions we had. It wasn’t too much, but it was a serious time of trying to find ourselves and establish who we are on this blog.

We decided that we should run this blog, not this blog run us.

I know that sounds odd but it’s true. This is a lot like any normal business. You work for hours and put a lot of money, love, and effort into. It’s just we work from home rather than going somewhere to start the day.

It’s fun! But it’s hard to leave work, have a schedule. This summit has really helped and let us get a clearer idea of who we are.

speaking of the summit, we redesigned the site

I’m sure you’ve probably noticed that we actually changed the main logo of the website! We went with something a little more simplistic, something we felt that emphasized who we are and what this blog is about.

This is just one small implication that we’re working on to improve the site. We even changed our recipe cards to fit an aesthetic that we prefer!

There’s not gonna be any big changes in the near future. We are just going to be slowly updating the site and making it easier to use and navigate because this site is just as much about you as it is us!

We also decided to change our posting schedule to make things better for you. So you know when to expect delicious recipes and stories.

So, instead of burning ourselves out trying to post every single day, we have moved to a three days a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

But don’t worry! That won’t mean you won’t hear from us only three days a week. We will, as always, post everyday on social media. Maybe not full posts but our stories will always have something fun to see! So make sure to check out our Instagram and our Facebook pages!

we got an instant pot!

vegetables in a instant pot

We finally joined in on the trend and I. AM. IN. LOVE! This little pot ensures we always have a warm, quick dinner on the table every night. It’s great!

My mom actually loves this, too! She grew up using a pressure cooker with her family so, she said this reminds her of her childhood… Just safer!

Same qualities, safer to use, can have a fully cooked dinner in like… 30 minutes, what’s not to love?

I can promise there will be more instant pot recipes in the future! Let us know what you’d like to see!

remaking recipes this month has been difficult

caramel in a silver pot

So, every time we cook, we learn something new. Like, we learned that caramel is really difficult to make here.

I think it we’ve remade this caramel five or six times…

It was for our Guinness Cupcakes that we wanted to rework for St. Patrick’s Day. The recipe is good but the change in altitude is serious pain in the butt.

We will figure it out soon, I promise! Because everyone needs this recipe updated because it is SO good.

we’ve bought summer clothes

girl in a sundress

With the weather warming up and the sunshine coming through, it’s definitely time to stock up on some summer/spring clothes!

Can you tell we are from Florida?

The cold weather has been nice, but I’m ready for sundresses, shorts, and more iced coffee!

Do you like warm weather or do you prefer cold?

i made my very own mickey ears!

wire mickey ears with flowers and fairy lights on a grey tile floor

So, even though there has been a lot of working going on, I decided to have some fun! This is something I’ve always wanted to try and do. I just couldn’t figure out how I wanted to go about it.

I’ve seen some wire Mickey Ears and I finally had an, “ah-ha!” moment. This is what I came up with. These ears are actually inspired by spring and the dress in the photo above!

I’m incredibly proud of them. They still need a little work, maybe some extra glue and some cushioning on the headband.

But this is the basic idea and what they are gonna look like!

we’re being careful

pink clouds against a blue sky with trees and lamps

Something I was very excited to talk about was a Disney/Florida trip we had planned from March 31st – April 11th.

Nothing has been canceled yet, but we are watching very closely to finalize on a decision.

We will definitely let you know what we decide when we decide it.

But, whenever get to go, there will be lots of new content to look forward to! There is so much we have planned that I really hope things can go forward, but our health is definitely the most important.

Phew. That was a lot more than I really thought it was going to be.

But I gotta go shoot some new and delicious recipes that I can’t wait for you guys to see and try.

I’ll talk to you next month! Xo

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