January-February Update

snow on a front porch with a house and trees

Happy Valentine’s Day! Gosh, can you believe it?

It feels like our last chat was only yesterday! But, as always, life is very life-y and so much has happened since last month. Things have been good, things have been a mess, things have just been. So, here I am with the biggest cup of caramel macchiato with extra caramel drizzle that Starbucks would possibly let me have and a yummy sandwich. It’s officially time to have a catch up!

So, how are you?! How are you celebrating this cold Valentine’s Day? I hope everything is going well. Let me know what you’re up to, or what you’re drinking/eating.


girl with snow on the ground

YES! FINALLY! We had enough snow for me to go out and play for a few minutes. It wasn’t more than maybe an inch but it was enough to make me happy. I ran outside and took as many photos as possible because – you guessed it, the snow was starting to melt.

So, yes. I froze a little bit but it was totally worth it.

I even made a little 5 inch tall snow man!

Totally a successful start to a day.

Seriously, I was buzzing all day. I felt like I could move mountains I was so excited. My brother and mom did share my enthusiasm but… they shared the enthusiasm from where it was warm.

I don’t blame them.

But who has cute snow pictures and curly hair and two thumbs? THIS GIRL!

social media overhaul

camera on a marble table with rose petals

Yes, I know this probably sounds silly to some of you but as a blogger, social media is a huge part of this. I have, admittedly, been slacking on Facebook and Instagram. I felt like I was getting no where so, why put in the effort?

Well, first things first, I changed my mindset. I decided I needed to up my social media game. I knew this. So, hours of research later and I felt somewhat better about the strategy in my head.

If you follow us, I’m sure you’ve noticed we have been posting and interacting a lot more!

Well, it’s no easy task but I am trying to give new content and make things seem as fun and exciting to make as they really are. When I get feedback/comments, it always makes my day!

always working!

This month has been a lot of firsts for me! Like the cookies pictures above. I had never worked with royal icing, let alone marble or feather cookies. I had SO much fun.

But these cookies were part of my social media overhaul. I decided to make our sugar cookies and decorate them for valentine’s. This went over super well and they turned out to be one of my favorite things I’ve done in a while!

But, like the heading suggests, we have been working a lot. Mostly behind the scenes. Lots of backend fixing on the blog lately. It’s crazy stressful but we’re getting there.

And sometimes not everything comes out right. We’ve almost broken the site twice!


Thankfully, my mom and I are learning from our mistakes and making things better and easier for you guys.

So, while not everything goes according to plan, things do work the way they’re supposed to. It’s just I wish it wasn’t so stressful!

not everything goes right

sunset with mountains

Speaking of stressful, I hit another photography slump this month.

This one seemed to be the worst one yet. Everything I was shooting turned out terribly. Thankfully, I did read post from another food blogger and that really set me straight.

It’s easy to get so caught up and focused on all the bad that you forget why you started in the first place.

So, for whatever you may do, keep that in mind! It’s really helped me keep going.

IT SNOWED!!!! Part 2

evergreen tree covered in snow with bushes covered in snow

Yes, you read that right. It snowed AGAIN! This time, there was so much more. It was so pretty!

We actually had probably 3-4 inches and it actually stayed until the next day.

I was thrilled!

Until I realized we needed to go to the grocery store. Down the mountain. Past the twisty’s and turny’s and fun hairpins.

Yeah, that store.

Hmm… Maybe it should wait.

And we did. We waited until most of the snow was gone and we could get down the mountain safely.

I think we bought most of the grocery store that day…

Car problems

Ah… More fun.

The car decided to basically stop working. Windows? Wouldn’t move. Car? Wouldn’t lock? Safety features? What are those?

Yeah, you get the gist.

So, we had to take the car to Charlotte to get it fixed!

Thankfully, we have a rental car and can get around until our car is ready.

I’m actually on my way right now to get it because it’s fixed! YAY! Not that the rental car isn’t nice but I miss my radio and perfectly adjusted seat.

the process has begun!

I can hear you wondering now by what I mean by that.

Well, in our very first update we mentioned we will be building a house.

Title making sense now?

We met with our designer so to speak and sorta started to figure things out. We’ve got a lot to do to do on our end before I can show you any pictures. There’s nothing but a few ideas floating around.

But I promise once things start to get going, I will keep you guys updated on everything!

It’s valentine’s day

chocolate truffles stacked on top of each other with roses in the background

Well, like I said earlier, happy Valentine’s! If you’re in need of a few good recipes for today, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Here are some easy but delicious recipes to make this the best Valentine’s yet!





I hope this helps! Let me know is you decide to make any of these! I love seeing what you guys are up to.

Well, I’ve got to go. It’s been nice catching up with you again!

Xo, Caylie

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