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June Happenings

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Well, hi!

I know it hasn’t been a full month yet since the last time we talked, and this might be a little out of the blue.. but, I have good reason! Things have been a little hectic and looots of decision making has been happening.

And, even though it’s summer, it doesn’t really feel like it. Here in the mountains, it’s mostly been rainy and cold. Just the other day, it didn’t get out of the sixties!

I hope your weather is much, much warmer and full of pretty sunny days.

I also hope you won’t mind this being a bit shorter than normal. So, maybe instead of grabbing a venti coffee, let’s go with a grande and settle in with some brownies and chocolate banana bread, and have a chat!

The Rebrand

blackberry bush with flowers

I’m sure you remember seeing an email coming from us close to midnight a few weeks go telling you guys about the rebrand. This has definitely been the best decision we’ve ever made for this blog. You guys have been so supportive, helpful, and our community has been growing like crazy!

But, a few of you have pointed out that… not everything is fixed yet.

We appreciate the help, but there’s still a lot of content to be updated. We’re taking it slow, trying to rework, reshoot, and rewrite posts as we go about rebranding old content.

There’s only the two of us so, it takes a lot longer than it would a professional team of 10+.

We hope you can still enjoy our older recipes, even though they still boast the old brand name/logo. We promise that we’re working hard to get everything fixed so everyone can enjoy our recipes with more ease and accessibility.

Sunshine & Tan Lines

mother and daughter selfie

If you follow us on Instagram, then you saw we took a mini beach vacation in Surfside Beach, South Carolina. We had so much fun!

I even got a little bit of a tan and NO sunburn!!

A serious win-win situation.

And, of course, we were extra careful. We maintained social distancing, wore masks inside, used lots of hand sanitizer, and made sure to follow rules & state regulations.

It was so nice to be able to walk on the beach again, find shells, and feel an ocean thats just a wee bit too cold to really enjoy.

But, the reason for our trip wasn’t just for some R&R (even though that was desperately needed).

We actually drove 5+ hours to help my mom.

Let me explain.

Back in December, my mom started having some joint problems. Nothing too worrisome. We assumed it was from her going up and down the stairs 50 times a day. But, the pain began to spread. From knees, to ankles, to elbows, to fingers. As June approached, things took a turn for the worse.

My mom was in a knee brace and an ankle brace with another knee brace on the way.

With a lot of thinking (and talking to friends), we thought that maybe.. just maybe the joint pain was coming from the altitude. We are at 4,000 feet, after all.

So, that’s where the beach trip comes in!

As soon as we got below 900 feet, the pain in my moms joints subsided!

We got to the beach and it was like she had never been in any pain at all.

And, as soon as we got home, my brother started to have joint issues.

This got us thinking. We can’t live like this..

Some Big Changes Are Coming

beach with clear skies and a few clouds

We are moving.

Which, you guys already knew, but we won’t be building a house here in North Carolina like we originally planned and told you guys.

We are gonna be moving back to sunny South Florida!

A lot of thought went into this decision, we weighed out our options, and this seemed like the most logical step forward for us.

I don’t know when we will be moving, but it will be sometime in the near future.

We are going to be heading down to Florida on the 6th, but don’t worry! We have content scheduled out so you’ll keep receiving delicious recipes directly to your mailbox, on social media, and (of course) on the blog.

If you don’t follow us on Instagram, then I definitely recommend it! I’m always posting behind the scenes pictures, photography not seen on the blog, and what we’re up to! Be sure to check us out here.

And, that’s pretty much it! Just a quick little update to let you guys know what’s going on.

Also, I think I might start posting these on the first of every month. What do you think? It might be a fun change of pace.

I hope you’re all doing well! I can’t wait until our next chat.

Xo, Caylie.

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