Bourbon Sweet Potato Casserole

One Pot Bourbon Sweet Potato Casserole…for when you need a delicious side at Thanksgiving dinner, but also need something super simple and easy to prepare! Sweet potatoes with bourbon, nutmeg, a splash of vanilla, and brown sugar to make this casserole sweet and so delicious!

4 Quick Tips For  This Bourbon Nut Cake

01 You may need to adjust the amount of brown sugar.

02 This recipe is gluten free, if you omit the marshmallows.

03 This casserole freezes well.

04 Always taste before baking and make desired adjustments.

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Boil sweet potato chunks for 40 minutes, or until tender. Drain and set aside.


Over a low heat, melt the butter. Using a ricer, mash the sweet potatoes into the pot. Mix together.


Add sugar, bourbon, vanilla, nutmeg, and salt. Mix together.


Grease a medium sized casserole, add sweet potatoes. Place in a 350 degree oven and cook for ten minutes.


Take out of the oven and add marshmallows on top. Bake until marshmallows are browned.


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