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we’re traci crossland and caylie crossland

This blog is the culmination of a dream that I share with my daughter, Caylie. It’s a way to share my love of and passion for food with her – and the rest of the world! My son, Ian, prefers to stay behind the scenes. He does all the dishes and is a terrific food critic. Sometimes, I think he missed his true calling in life! 

As the name suggests, Bakers Table is primarily a baking blog – as that’s what I love doing more than anything! But, we do post weeknight dinners, drinks, and the occasional appetizer, too.

A few Facts about us


Traci has been a part of the professional food industry since 1992. That’s more than 30 years of professional experience! She’s a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, and has owned catering businesses, restaurants, bakeries – even a few bars!


Caylie is a professional food photographer who has been photographing things ever since she was able to hold a camera. Her photography has been featured in Pastry Arts Magazine, Crate & Barrel, and more!


We both have always worked well together and this blog is a culminations of all of our passions!

our story

how it all began

I discovered my passion for cooking and baking at a very young age, surrounded by some of the best cooks in the South.

My culinary journey begins with my great-grandmother, the heart and soul of my family’s kitchen. Each morning, her food brought people together – a tradition fondly known all around town as “breakfast with Big Mama.” From there, my grandmother continued this legacy, not only nourishing our friends and neighbors but also creating delicious and exquisite cakes for weddings, special events, and more. My mother, too, inherited a deep love of baking, especially when it came to the holidays.
Growing up in this environment, my earliest and happiest memories revolve around the kitchen. I, too, found a love in cooking, baking, and sharing my talents to feed those around me. My summers were full of preserving fresh fruits and vegetables, from shelling and blanching to freezing and canning our garden’s harvest, while we spent the fall creating the most delicious jellies and preserves. When the holidays rolled around, that always meant non-stop baking and candy making. With this culinary foundation and the love of cooking for others, it was only natural that I would embark on a path that led me to own a catering business, a private chef business, two restaurants, and even delve into recipe development and consulting.

I felt it was important that my children inherited the same love for food. From the moment we brought them home, they have been in the kitchen. Bouncy seats became their first “high chairs,” and as soon as they could hold a spoon, they were helping to create cookies and other delicious treats. My son, Ian, and my daughter, Caylie, soon discovered their own unique passions for cooking.
Caylie’s artistic spirit and talent led her to the world of professional food photography. Even as a toddler, she was passionate about taking photos. Disposable camera in hand, she captured the world through her eyes. This love of photography has evolved into mastering the craft with a professional digital camera and developing an innate sense of style and symmetry.
As I carry the culinary traditions from my upbringing and embrace new ones along the way, Caylie is shaping them in her own unique direction. She has become an exceptional baker in her own right, adding a touch of her own creativity to our family’s traditions.

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What You Will Find on Bakers Table

Bakers Table is the place for home cooks and bakers to come and get their fix of delicious desserts. But, there is still SO much more!

  • Reliable Recipes. Our recipes are recipes you can trust. With thousands of 5 star ratings from users, we only publish the best. The recipes we share are developed and thoroughly tested to ensure that every baker (advanced or beginning) can enjoy a bite of something sweet.
  • Treats for every skill level. From homemade puff pastry to no-bake energy bites, we share something for every skill level, as well as simplifying recipes that may seem difficult to beginning bakers.
  • Guided Recipes. Our blog posts are full of step-by-step photos, tips, tricks, and SO much more to ensure the recipes you bake come out perfectly every time.
  • Answers to questions. Got a question? We are here to help! If you have a question that is not answered in the post, feel free to comment on the post (or email us via our contact page) and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Bakers Table FAQ’s

When did you start Bakers Table?
We officially started our blog in late 2018. It was more of a hobby blog in the beginning, but once we actually started to get requests from people, we rebranded the site to what you see today!

How did you come up with Bakers Table?
We love to share our food with others and those that we love. So, when we were rebranding the website in early 2020, we came up with Bakers Table! We are both bakers at heart (Traci loves a freshly baked loaf of sourdough bread and Caylie enjoys a gooey chocolate chip cookie more than anything!) and we love to share our passion, as well as feed the people around us.

Do you sell your bakes? What do you do with all of the food?
We do not currently sell any of our food. Instead, we give our food away to friends, families, local businesses, and neighbors. We love to share our food with others!

Do you take your own photos?
Caylie takes all of the photos for the blog and has since the very beginning!

What camera equipment do you use?
There is a full in-depth post on our blog about all of the equipment we use and recommend. Check it out by clicking here!

When did you figure out you that the two of you work well together?
We have always been a very close family. Everything we do, we do together. After all the years spent in the kitchen working together, it only made sense to start a business together.

Who does what in terms of running the blog?
Traci develops, writes, and tests each recipe, as well as working on the backend of the site – coding, updates, and business dealings. Caylie photographs all of the images, writes the posts, manages socials, and works on the blog’s aesthetics.

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