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HI! We’re Traci & Caylie

This blog is the culmination of a dream that I share with my daughter, Caylie. It’s a way to share my love of and passion for food with her – and the rest of the world! Ian, my son, prefers to stay behind the scenes. He does all the dishes and is a terrific food critic. Sometimes, I think he missed his true calling in life! 

As the name suggests, Bakers Table is primarily a baking blog – as that’s what I love doing more than anything! But, we do posts weeknight dinners, snacks, and the occasional appetizer, too.

Bakers Table is a place for everyone!

We started this blog in 2018, but it has evolved so much from then! We started this blog to share old family recipes, but we are now a blog you can come to for new and exciting recipes each week!

We hope you find something you love on this blog!



Traci has been a part of the professional food industry since 1992. That’s almost 30 years of experience! She’s owned catering businesses, restaurants, even a few bars!


Caylie has been photographing things ever since she was able to hold a camera. Her photography has been featured in Pastry Arts Magazine, Crate & Barrel, and more!


We both have always worked well together and this blog is a culminations of all of our passions!

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a few of TRACI’S favorite things
Good books, gardening, meditation, dancing, going to Disney World, the smell of fresh baked bread, snuggling up with my dog, reading or watching anything written by Shakespeare, being outside, and (of course) cooking!
a few of CAYLIE’S favorite things
Listening to music and singing, sketching, taking photos, picking flowers, reading, watching Marvel movies on repeat, cuddling with our cat, dark chocolate, and coffee!
cupcakes on marble serving board with blackberries, lavender, white flowers, and a spoon

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