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The 9 Most Popular Recipes of 2019

With the end of the year finally here, we wanted to share the 9 Most Popular Recipes of 2019! We’ve shared so many amazing recipes in our first year, but below are the top 9…as picked by all of you. Can you guess the most popular recipe?

piled danish wedding cookies on upside down white plate with top cookie broken in half

As crazy as it seems, the end of the year is here! What’s even crazier is that it’s the end of a decade. We started this blog last year and look how much things have grown! Because of all of you, we have had some fun and crazy adventures in the kitchen. From creating new things to making recipes that have been in our family for generations. 2019 was a whirlwind of emotions and the decade has been even crazier!

We’ve done and accomplished so many things. This blog being one.

I know I probably sound so cheesy saying this, but thank you all so much for being the most kind, helpful, and amazing community! Without you guys, we never would’ve stretched our wings and done half the recipes we’ve attempted over the past year.

So, with that being said, today I’m sharing the most popular recipes of 2019!

The 9 most popular recipes of 2019:

roasted potatoes on white platter with spoon beside.

9. Rosemary and Garlic Roasted Potatoes

Kicking it off with a recipe that was made last minute! Surprisingly enough, you guys loved these potatoes enough for them to be in our top nine recipes of the year.

humming bird cake on a marble cake plate with chopped pecans on top

8. Hummingbird Cake

Pineapple, bananas, and pecans pretty much sum up this delicious southern classic!

two glasses of margaritas sitting on a wood board with ice and slices of lime along with a cocktail shaker, a jar of ice, tongs, and a stirrer on a concrete board.

7. Spicy Smoky Margarita

A margarita inspired by Disney. It packs a powerful but delicious punch!

baked macaroni and cheese with slice on plate beside casserole, with basil leaves around, white flowers, and a bowl of peppercorns

6. Southern Baked Mac and Cheese

The ultimate comfort food. This recipe is the best (and easiest!) mac and cheese ever!

hand holding scone broken and half with more behind and butter bowl

5. Bacon Cheddar and Chive Scones

These scones made it into the top 5 for good reason! You loved them just as much as we do. The perfect snack or breakfast!

biscuits on an upside down sheet pan with crumbles and jar of honey
Buttermilk Biscuits

4. Buttermilk Biscuits

The ultimate breakfast food! These buttermilk biscuits are tender, buttery, flaky, and just delicious.

chess pie with two forks, four slices taken out of it, and whipped cream

3. Chess Pie

This one surprised us. This chess pie recipe has been in my family for generations and making it was a last minute decision! It’s definitely worthy of the 3rd most loved recipe of this year.

six hamburger buns on parchment paper with two stacked behind and a knife

2. Sourdough Hamburger Buns

These sourdough hamburger buns is probably one of my favorite recipes we’ve posted this year! They are absolutely delicious and one of my favorite things to grab and eat as soon as it comes out of the oven.

three stacked cookies on upside down plate with tan string, flowers, and pecans around

1. Danish Wedding Cookies

The crazy thing about this recipe? We never thought it would do that well, let alone be our most popular recipe of the year! These cookies are a simple holiday staple for us and you guys just couldn’t get enough of these sweet treats!

If you’ve made any of these recipes from the past year, be sure to leave a comment! Let us know if your favorite recipe made the top nine!

As always, we love hearing from you guys. If you make any of these amazing recipes, don’t forget to tag us on social media!

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